You can get involved in an accident and sustain an injury in any workplace. But it is fair to say that some workplaces are more vulnerable to accidents and injuries compared to others. For example, a construction site can easily be said to be a more dangerous workplace compared to an office.
According to the website of the Rhode Island construction accidents lawyers of the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., construction workers who have been injured in construction accidents may have legal options. This is a good thing, considering that they really are vulnerable to workplace accidents compared to those who sit in cubicles.


Electrocution is one of the most common and most fatal construction site accidents. This is understandable, because construction sites often have unfinished electrical systems and exposed wires. Even if workers survive electrocution, they may still suffer from significant injuries, particularly burning.


Combustible and explosive materials are often present in construction sites. They may come in many forms, such as chemicals, gases, and even TNTs. Whatever form they may take, it doesn’t change the fact that workers are at risk of explosions, fires, and the possible injuries associated with them, such as burns and eye and lung problems.


Construction workers may be required to reach or work in elevated spaces, so they rely on equipment to do this effectively. Equipment may be cranes, ladders, and scaffoldings – all put workers at risk of falling, breaking their bones, and sustaining traumatic injuries.

Falling Object

Hard hats and other gears may help against falling objects, such as debris and unattended tools, but they may not help much if the falling object is an entire machine. This may involve enough force to kill, and those who survive often suffer from head and brain injuries.

Machine Accident

Machine accidents can happen in many ways. Maybe the machines are defective. Maybe they have no instructions and safety warnings. Maybe the construction worker cannot operate them properly. Whatever the case is, the construction worker is at risk of the most dangerous accidents, including amputations and entrapments.

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