As gaps between the rich and the poor of the world continue to grow it is important to pay close attention to occurrences such as investment fraud. These cases typically show what happens when greed begins to consume, already rich, men and women who just have to have more. The people who commit these financial crimes are dishonest and inauthentic members of society. They have no problem lying to the faces of their investors and will deny everything if revealed for what they really are, a crook. Thieves at the highest level, these offenders simply can not be trusted with monetary responsibility.

Dishonesty in the corporate minded world of today is extremely common. Businessmen are known for their vicious schemes and questionable methods. When they cross the line into areas of illegal activity by stealing investor’s hard earned money, typically life savings that take an entire career to generate, they must be dealt with appropriately. According to previous incidents, most investors will not know that the broker they are working with is dishonest until it is too late. According to statistics released by U.S. Department of Justice last year, there were 300 individuals charged with financial crimes. Of the 300 individuals only 201 were given convictions. These cases resulted in the collection of $1.51 billion in the form of corporate U.S. criminal fines, penalties, and forfeiture. Additionally, there was over $7.8 billion recovered by U.S. and international authorities.

When confronted with this staggering data I am perplexed by the sheer scale of these crimes. It seems obviously foolish and nearly impossible to launder billions of dollars all for the satisfaction of one’s personal greed, yet many dirty brokers attempt to cheat people out of their hard earned life savings. Stealing money from those who are less fortunate is an obvious ethical violation, but in most cases, it is proven that these brokers have no respect for ethical codes of conduct as their actions speak volumes about their character. Greed for money is the pinnacle of misery. Worldly attachment to monetary gain can cripple an individual’s judgment so severely that they become mad for power in any form. In cases where an investor has been taken advantage of, lied to, and in most cases is left penniless they should seek competent guidance in order to pursue their savings. Greed and dishonesty go hand in hand. It is the duty of legal representation to recover all that they are able to for the client’s best interest.

In summary, investment fraud is a serious issue plaguing many innocent investors. In most cases, brokers will escape with large amounts of money that typically equate to the entire life savings of the investor. A dishonest way of being is toxic to a person’s well being. Whether or not the reader believes in some form of karma it can be agreed that dirty, rotten brokers can definitely expect some sort of payback.

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