A car-log truck collision that happened on Georgia State Road 85 in Ellerslie, Georgia on Nov. 5, 2015 resulted in the death of 56-year-old Santa Rosa Beach, Florida resident Sheree Williams. Preliminary investigations showed that she was headed south past the Green Acres Subdivision when her vehcile collided with a log truck that was headed north.

Trucking is a very life-threatening profession, not only for the truckers themselves but also for the motorists these truckers encounter on the road. They estimate that around 600 truckers die every year as a result of truck accidents in the United States, whether these accidents are the result of their own negligence or due to other factors that may have come into play, like road defects, weather disturbances, or the fault of other drivers. These accidents can leave people who are involved seriously hurt or even permanently disabled.

It is important to take note that it is very easy for a truck to become involved in an accident, mainly because of their size, and because of the lack of flexibility that smaller vehicles are afforded. For instance, a truck can go over in a curve even if the truck driver wasn’t going too fast, if the truck’s rear tires manages to hit something – like a curb – the moment that said truck driver is cornering.

A truck can also roll over when the driver took a rut in soft ground or caught a pavement separation. A way to avoid having an accident when you put a wheel off a pavement is to straighten the truck and immediately brake. Stop at that position and then re-start the vehicle again, instead of trying to go back to the road at the rate of speed you were already using to travel; if you do the latter, there is a big chance that the truck will fall on its side.

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