Dogs are man’s best friend. They give you companionship and protection. They can be your walking buddy. You can cuddle them and they can be the sweetest pet you can have. However, dogs can also be your worst enemy. When provoked, they can bite you and the result can be devastating. According to Indianapolis personal injury attorneys at the Hankey Law Office, approximately 5 million people are bitten by dogs every year. From that number, 1 in 6 will require medical attention.

There are many reasons why dogs will bite humans. They do so as a reaction to something. For instance, they bite because they feel stressed out or they are defending themselves or their territory. Another reason dogs bite is because they are not feeling well. Aside from that, dogs bite because they feel threatened. These times are not the best times to approach them or else you could find yourself in deep trouble.

The good news is that there are warning signs you need to be aware of before the dog bites. They may be tolerant at one time and then suddenly bites you. These are some warning signs that the dog is about to bite you:

  • The dog gets up and moves away from the child
  • The canine turns his head away from the human
  • The dog looks at you in a pleading manner
  • The “whites” of the dog’s eyes turns in a half moon shape
  • The dog suddenly starts scratching, biting, or kicking himself

Dogs also have the tendency to nip and bite when playing. These activities may make them overly excited which may cause them to nip or bite. It is best to avoid wrestling or playing tug of war with your dog.

Teaching the dog socialization skills is a good way to keep the dog from biting. By doing so, you are helping the dog become at ease in different situations. You can start this while the dog is still a puppy so they become comfortable in different situations when they get older.

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